Daisy’s thoughts on superstitions

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Oh my Cod, I’ve opened an umbrella indoors! opening an umbrella inside your home is meant to be extremely poor luck. That is one of the silliest superstitions, ever. Isn’t it worse luck for it to be raining as well as NOT have an umbrella? considering that Friday the 13th is just around the corner, I believed I would share my thoughts on superstitions: I believe superstitions are stupid! except perhaps the one about cats having 9 lives; that a person is a lot of likely correct.

Some people are terrified of walking under a ladder. I say, you are right not to walk under a ladder. You must just perch on top of it, instead. That is much a lot more fun!

It is likewise meant to be poor luck to pick up a coin that is tail-side-up. What’s wrong with tails, anyway? I’m rather fond of my own tail. I say, discovering any type of money is lucky, so go ahead as well as pick it up no matter which side is up. Except, it is okay to avoid choosing up pennies.

One thing that truly IS poor luck? getting to the end of the treat bag. exactly how can you prevent this disaster? keep many, lots of bags of treats on hand so you never run out. I suggest at least 13 bags! ฮ่า ๆ ๆ ๆ!

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